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Chiller Service in Seattle, WA

Water chillers are a common component of many commercial and industrial systems, and are used in a number of different ways. They can be used to create and maintain comfortable temperatures or to cool industrial equipment and products for maximum efficiency. If you have a commercial or industrial space that you think may benefit from the installation of a high quality chiller call the professionals at Integrity Energy Systems for more information. We’ll be glad to discuss the potential benefits of a chiller in your industrial or commercial space and will answer any questions you may have about their installation or operation.

How Do Chillers Work?

There are a few different types of chillers, but their operation is fairly similar across the board. A compressor condenses a refrigerant within the system, allowing it to extract more heat during the cooling process. Compressor chillers produce cool air through a vapor compression process. The compressor creates a pressure difference, causing refrigerant to boil and condense. Compression chillers commonly have centrifugal, scroll, screw or reciprocating compressors.

Centrifugal chillers cause gaseous refrigerant to collect along the walls of a cylinder, and it is then sent to an exhaust port, where the cycle is continued. Scroll compressors have a small capacity and use a rotating coil and a stationary coil to compress refrigerant down through the center of the two. A reciprocating chiller contains a piston inside a compartment, and this piston increases the pressure of a refrigerant by compressing it.

Absorption chillers, on the other hand, do not use a compressor at all. They use heat to power the chilling process, as refrigerant vapor is absorbed and the solution is pumped to a generator, where the refrigerant is again vaporized. The solution then returns to the absorber. Absorption chillers are generally not as effective as machine powered compressor chillers.

Chiller Maintenance and Repair in Seattle, WA

A broken or underperforming chiller can seriously reduce workspace comfort and slow the production process in a commercial or industrial setting. Don’t let that happen to you. The chiller maintenance and repair experts at Integrity Energy Systems are happy to help keep your chiller working efficiently and effectively. Call us to schedule regular, professional chiller maintenance in the Seattle, WA area. Doing so will not only ensure that your chiller is operating well. It also gives us the chance to make any small repairs or tune–ups before slight damage or wear and tear can cause you serious problems. When repairs are necessary it is important to deal with them right away. Integrity Energy Systems has the experience, training and skills needed to ensure the proper function of your commercial or industrial chiller.

Professional Chiller Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service

When you need any chiller service, including installations or repairs as well as regular maintenance, call the professionals at Integrity Energy Systems. We’ll make sure that you enjoy the benefits of a high–performing chiller system. Let us help you succeed with our exceptional chiller services.

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