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Boiler Installation and Replacement in Seattle, WA

Integrity Energy Systems - Boiler Installation and Replacement in Seattle, WA

Anyone that has ever gone through the process of choosing a new heating system for their home knows that there are a lot of choices available. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which system is best for your Seattle, WA home. Be sure to discuss your heating system installation and replacement options with a professional heating service provider such as Integrity Energy Systems to ensure that you get the best heater for your home. While newer technologies garner a lot of attention among those looking for greener, more eco–friendly ways in which to heat their homes, modern boiler systems can give you dependable heating with the efficiency levels you need. Talk to your service provider today to learn more about why a boiler may be the right choice for your heating system installation or replacement project.

Types of Boilers

There are a few different types of boilers to choose from. All of them offer certain benefits over other heating system options. Gas boilers are by far the most common boiler type used for home heating. They are very durable and also highly efficient, potentially cutting costs on both maintenance and energy use. Electric boilers are widely held to be even more efficient that gas boilers, and they tend to take up less space than other boiler types. They also do not create carbon dioxide the way that fuel–burning boilers do. Oil boilers are among the most efficient ways to heat your home, and the most reliable. The fluctuation of oil prices and a move towards more sustainable fuel sources, though, are making oil burning boilers less common. Finally, there are solid fuel boilers. While coal was the old standard solid fuel source, many newer models now use wood or wood–pellets to heat your home. These recycled fuel source options are making pellet boilers more and more popular.

Benefits of Heating Your Bellevue, WA Home with a Boiler

If you’re unsure whether or not a boiler is the right choice for installation in your Bellevue home, consider the benefits that they can present. The initial cost of a boiler can be higher than other home heating options, especially if you are looking for a replacement heating system and do not have the necessary piping, radiators or baseboards already installed. This initial cost can be offset by the potential savings during operation, though. Boilers in general are a very efficient heating option, and modern boilers are more efficient than ever before.

The renewable fuel options available for boilers also allow for clean, sustainable home heating. As energy costs keep rising and more focus is placed on green energy, a solid fuel boiler using recycled wood pellets is an appealing option for many. With the high efficiency ratings many modern boilers offer, of course, even gas or electric boilers can make a great, eco–friendly replacement for old, inefficient models.

Improve Efficiency with a New Boiler Installation or Replacement

When you’re ready for boiler installation or replacement service in the Seattle, WA area, call the boiler experts at Integrity Energy Systems. We have the experience, training and knowledge to make your boiler installation a success. Get the highly efficient, dependable heating performance you deserve with a boiler replacement from Integrity Energy Systems.

Integrity Energy Systems provides heating and air conditioning services to Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Shoreline, Issaquah, and to the surrounding areas in Washington.