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Seattle Air Cleaners from Integrity Energy Systems

At Integrity Energy Systems, we care about the well–being of our customers, and that’s why we provide comprehensive indoor air quality services for residents throughout the area. If you live in Seattle, an air cleaner is just one of the many solutions we offer for improving the air quality inside your home. Our specialists can help you select the right air cleaner for your needs. Air cleaners come in different varieties to accurately target the type of indoor air pollutants you want to eliminate from your home. Call the Seattle air cleaner experts any time to learn more about how air cleaners can improve your indoor air quality.

Selecting an Air Cleaner

There are two basic styles of air cleaners that work with your existing heating and cooling system. Many homeowners prefer mechanical air cleaners since they target larger particles that are commonly found in homes, such as pet dander, and they are easy to maintain. You only need to replace the filter in a mechanical air cleaner, and they are a little less expensive to operate than electronic air cleaners.

Electronic air cleaners are more effective at eliminating smaller particulate matter by using an ionizer to attract the particles. While air cleaners are not intended for removal of gaseous pollutants, they can greatly improve the quality of air inside your home if used in conjunction with other types of air purification equipment. If you aren’t sure which type of air cleaner is right for you, the indoor air quality experts at Integrity Energy Systems are just a phone call away. Call any time!

Maintaining Air Cleaner for Optimal Performance

The EPA reports that the effectiveness of any type of air cleaner will depend on how efficiently it can filter out the particles. This means that the more volume air the filter can draw in, the more effective it will be. That’s why maintaining your air cleaner is an important part of making sure you are getting the most out of your equipment. For better performance and longevity, make sure that you maintain your air cleaner properly. Consult your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s specifications, or call us if you want help with maintaining your air purification system.

Air Cleaner Services throughout the Seattle area

If you are looking for the right air cleaner for your home, or you would like to schedule a routine tune–up for your air cleaning system, call Integrity Energy Systems today! We also provide repairs for air cleaners, as well as your heating and air conditioning system. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your entire home comfort system when making a service call, and we are always glad to provide tips on how you can improve air quality and make your home more efficient at the same time.