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Seattle Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services

Integrity Energy Systems offers a full line of humidifier and dehumidifier installation and maintenance solutions throughout Seattle. Our moisture control services will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the year. Whole–home humidifiers and dehumidifiers can improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Call today to find out more about the benefits of our many services.

Humidifier Installation in Bellevue, WA

Humidifiers are typically installed as whole–house devices that distribute moisture during the winter months when the heating system dries out the air inside your home. This can help reduce dry skin issues and protect furnishings as well. The right humidifier is selected based on size and the number of rooms in your home. We can help you decide which solution is best for your home by performing detailed measurements of your space and inspecting your current air handler and ductwork system.

Humidifier Maintenance and Repair Service throughout Seattle, WA

Your humidifier will need to be inspected at least once a year for possible wear and tear on moving parts. We recommend you add your humidifier to your annual heating and air cleaner maintenance schedule for this reason.

If your humidifier stops working properly, give us a call immediately. While the problem is likely an easy fix, it’s important to have the device inspected as soon as possible to rule out problems that might result in permanent damage to the equipment. These issues can grow worse rapidly if left unchecked. Call any time.

Dehumidifier Installation and Maintenance in Seattle

While we provide regular maintenance for your dehumidifier, there are many maintenance tasks you need to perform to keep your system running smoothly. You can regularly check the drain pan and drain line for any leaks, and always call a professional if you see any problems. Also, make sure that the components are free of mold growth. We will also check for this, and we can show you how to change or clean filters and flush the system to clear out sediment from your water supply and to avoid mold growth.

If you are ready to have a humidifier or dehumidifier installed in your home or you need assistance keeping your current moisture control equipment running properly, now is the time to call Integrity Energy Systems. Our technicians are available to inspect, repair and, if necessary, replace your indoor air quality systems. Learn more by giving us a call today.

Integrity Energy Systems serves Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Shoreline, Issaquah, and the surrounding areas in Washington.